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  1. *EDIT* Seems to be fixed in the beta version...
  2. So, any feedback on this? Coming up to a year. Don't mind if it's rejected but feedback should always be given...
  3. 1. Desktop version downloaded from the website Enpass 6.6.0 (761) 2. Size is 1.62MB Log: The screens are as follows 1-4
  4. Bringing this topic back from the dead. I am experiencing this error as well. I did the suggested method: Take a manual backup of the Enpass data on all the devices. Disconnect the sync on all devices that are synced with Onedrive. Remove the folders Enpass and Enpass1 on One-drive account. Re-set up the sync with One-drive on all the devices and check. This works for a bit until the error comes back? When I force it using the 'resolve now' button it does effectively sync (verified in Onedrive folder) and the error is gone, unless I hit the 'sync now' button and it magically re-appears. Using latest versions on Desktop and Mobile! EDIT: I must clarify this issue is with the Desktop app. The mobile app syncs fine without any errors.
  5. Any update on this, is this being reviewed, worked on, on the roadmap? This would indeed be a great feature to have, what would be even greater, is if these different language dictionaries can be used at the same time, allowing Enpass to randomly generate a password with multiple languages.
  6. I would like to be able to create sections in a randomly generated password (pronouncable or not pronouncable) in order to randomize those sections again. example: randomly generated password (pronouncable= yes, length 109= 15 words, uppercase= yes, lowercase= yes, separated by= underscore): Named5_Varied_9Refold_1george_Croix_6foggy_7Undying_Dents_Meyers_frock3_Exquisite_Hums_1Anaconda_dud_Uncouth6 This would be divided into either sections with random length or user-preference based length sections like so in case of unpronouncable: Named5_Varied_9//Refold_1george_Croix//_6foggy_7Undying_D//ents_Meyers_frock3_//Exquisite_Hums_1Anac//onda_dud_Uncouth6 This would be divided into either sections with random length or user-preference based length sections like so in case of pronouncable: Named5_Varied//_9Refold_1george_//Croix_6foggy_7//Undying_Dents_Meyers//_frock3_Exquisite_//Hums_1Anaconda_//dud_Uncouth6 Each individual divided section can then completely separate from each other be randomized based on a user-preference amount of times thus creating a truly randomized password for extra security. A bit like the concept of encrypting with different cryptokeys.
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