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  1. Hi, I've a simple question... If I start to insert data related to work, could I eventually move that data from primary to a secondary cavou from the app if later on I do choose to have separation between work and personal? Thanks
  2. No inconvenience at all, just reporting... and even not a fault of EnPass... Issue seen on: OS: Android 9 With Feb updates (OxygenOS 9.0.11 EnPass: latest avaible on play store Google Keyboard: Lastest that I know of as with google it's hard to know what is "Latest". Should be As I can tell it's all about a feature of gboard that could be usefull but can be an issue when dealing with password.... The feature can be enabled/disabled in gboard. Don't know the extent of the issue. As I know in android apps can't access clipboard while
  3. Hi, Would be nice to have different dictionaries in different languages (than english) for diceware passwords. thanks
  4. Hi, I know that EnPass try to keep copies password as secure as possibile... and it does a good job at least securing password that are copied on clipboard using a smart trick like emptying clipboard after 30 seconds Today after an upgrade/update from google of it's GBoard I got notice of a new feature (that can be enabled and GBoard proactively instruct on let you know of the feature and how to enable it).... Such a feature is like a clipboard with evey note that reach the clipboard. So if you have every note that is being cut/copied in last 1 hour. Including password that get copy/
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