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  1. Hi @Garima Singh, @Pratyush Sharma, It worked! I can now sync my devices with the cloud ! Thank you for your help both Kind regards, Naj
  2. Hi @Garima Singh Thank you for your reply! I really hope this helps. As soon as i have tried this method, i will post an update with my findings. Regards, Najim
  3. Hi @Pratyush Sharma, I have tried that and now i cannot sync the device with the cloud anymore. ;( is there any other solution to re-connect my device(s) with the same enpass data in the cloud?
  4. Hi @Pratyush Sharma, Thanks! Down below, you'll see 2 screenshots i get when i try to sync my enpass database with my dropbox. On my mobile phones, it's working perfectly, however, on my both laptops it does not. I hope there is way to solve this issue because now i cannot sync the new added passwords with my other devices. - Naj
  5. Hi There, This is my first time asking here a question. I''ll try to describe the issue i'm facing. I have bought a new laptop recently and i installed the enpass App on it. After logging in successfully now i want to sync it with my cloud data and here is the issue. It asks for a password so that the Enpass application can synchronize the data between the cloud and the new installed application. I entered several passwords that i have used in the past but i have never changed it so far i can remember. After several attempts, i do not know anymore how to synchronize between these two applications so that i have the same data on this new laptop as my other devices. PS: this is not about my master password because i can log in successfully on the enpass password manager, it is the password that the password manager asks to sync the cloud with it. I hope you guys could help me out with this. Kind regards, Naj
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