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  1. On the PC (which I suspect is where the problem is) I have windows up to date and it's version 5.5.7 I haven't received any notifications to update . I just tried to update it but it won't update from the windows store as it says it's already installed. On my Android phone which has the most passwords, It's version
  2. Has this problem been fixed? I have followed the instructions given above and reproduced below. I first reconnected with my phone as it has the most current data. It doesn't create an Enpass folder on OneDrive though. It puts a vault file in the OneDrive root directory. It says "personal vault" which is actually a shortcut file but there is no Enpass folder.. When I use the desktop to sync it creates an Enpass folder. Why are these two devices not going to the same place for syncing? My desktop is now way out of date. My phone is my only copy of the data. How do I fix this?
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