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  1. Hello, Enpass team. Were you able to reproduce this "vault appears empty after a fingerprint unlock" problem? I have to deal with this several times a day (and a couple of crashes as well); it's super easy for me to reproduce if you need help with that. Thanks.
  2. I just reproduced the problem. There seems to be a serious bug there. If my Mac goes to sleep for an hour or more, when I try to access Enpass, I can unlock using my fingerprint, bu the vault appears completely empty. See attached screen shot. Quitting Enpass and restarting it fixes the issue.
  3. I was testing this fix and something very strange/scary just happened: I upgraded, reopened Enpass (it asked me for the password) and made sure everything looked OK. I then put the the laptop to sleep and woke it up after an hour or so. When I logged back in, I was able to reopen Enpass, but my vault appeared completely empty. NOTHING WAS THERE! Restarting the app fixed the issue, my entries show up again. But of course, that defeats the fix, as I had to enter the master password after restarting the app.
  4. Same issue here. My master password is a long, complicated one, and now that I have upgraded the OS to Big Sur, I have to enter it 10 to 15 times a day. This is a real usability problem.
  5. Yes, the search box has a string I searched for in the widget. The I select Open Enpass, and the search box is locked up, with the search text still there. I can't reproduce this consistently, but that seems to be the scenario. Enpass version is 6.5.0 (700). Device is a Mac Book Pro 16" with touch bar (2019) running Catalina.
  6. There are times where I open Enpass and try to find an item, only to find that the search field won't accept any input. This only happens when the search field already has a string in it. In those cases, the existing search string can't be removed, making searching for something else impossible. The fix is to quit Enpass and restart it. Am I missing something?
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