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  1. Update: Sorry for the delay. Got the "Autofill using Accessibility" option working. Took some experimenting, but excluded Enpass from apps slated for sleep and it's now functioning as desired. Got to hand it to you team, it's a great app. The Desktop version works flawlessly too.
  2. Hi Manish .. I got autofill working after rebooting/swapping back and forth a few times. Apps are linked now. Enabling the "Autofill using Accessibility" every time is a drag though. Need to do it whenever Enpass requires password during launch. In the "Settings->Accessibility->Installed Services", Enpass gets disabled and hence the problem.
  3. Similar issue. I have to enable "Autofill Using Accessibility" every time Enpass app requires master password. Also, Enpass does not show up for saving or filling fields in some apps. Is there any way to force it to happen? Enpass version: Android 11, Security Update March 2022 Samsung A50, One UI version 3.1
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