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  1. Thanks @Pratyush Sharma!
  2. Hi @Pratyush Sharma, It is disabled. Both windows disappear, when I click somewhere else. My problem is, those windows not disappear when I click again to them, like any other icon in menu bar or in safari. I use macOS 10.15.7, iMac 2017 Enpass 6.5.2 (726), extension 6.5.0 Safari 14.0
  3. It is an interesting bug. If you want to delete a word from the title which is not the last word, the deletion continues from the end of the title. I explain it... For example you have an item called "Enpass password". If you want to delete the "Enpass" word, move your cursor to after the last "s" letter and push the delete key several times. After you delete the "Enpass" the cursor goes to the end of the title and the deletion continues, so you start to delete the "password" word as well. I can find it only in the Title field and when you start the deletion exactly the end of the word. Please look at it.
  4. It would be great if the menu bar & safari extension would work like every other menu bars and safari extensions on Mac. I mean when you click on it, it opens and when you click on it again it closes. Right now only Enpass menu bar & safari extension not closes when you click on them again on my Mac. It is a little bit annoying. Thanks!
  5. Krisz

    bug in 6.5.2 (726)

    Thanks @Pratyush Sharma!
  6. Krisz

    bug in 6.5.2 (726)

    Something went wrong with Sections in custom templates. In 6.5.0 I can't rename section name in individual item. In 6.5.2 it is solved, but after I modified my custom template, all section names became blank and I can't rename them. Please check it! Thanks!
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