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  1. After long thinking about my online security I've decided to leave Enpass and migrate to another password manager. Not because Enpass is not a good tool / password manager. But in my opinion I've less control about my vaults. I want to: - Get a notification when someone tried to login to my Vaults - Have Yubikey (or another hardware key) support - Have the possibility to remotely revoke a device to access to one of my Vaults / delete Vaults on devices I understand that Enpass is designed with other principles but for me is this essential to have faith in my online security.
  2. Thank you. I saw a sneak peak on Twitter but I think that's a dashboard and nog a online password service(?) Can you mention something about the release date/planning?
  3. - Yes there is a logging on the WebDAV-connections. I prefer a pro-active solution of attending a unusual login. - Change all the passwords from the items in the vault is a enormous, and time sensitive job. So, indeed, wiping the device is the best/fastest way to handle. Bottomline I think the best solution will be a Enpass cloud service (like 1Password, Dashlane, etc.) to handle both situations. @Productowner Enpass ; Is this functionality on the backlog/roadmap of new Enpass features in the (near) future?
  4. The way Enpass works, is a slightly different way than many other passwordmanagers like for example 1Password. I like the idea of Enpass, but I think I also missing some features that the others have: - I will get noticed when (one of) my Vaults is (tried to) opened by another location - I will have the ability to disconnect my device from the Vault(s) when it's lost/stolen > now the vault is stored on the device. And I know it's hard to hack the vault, but it's not a safe idea that I don't have any control when my device is lost. The only way to handle this is to erase my whole iPhone with the 'find my iPhone'-app or in the Apple iCloud.
  5. Cool, thanks! I hope this feature will be released in short term. Just a master password for a password manager is a bit risky imo
  6. Great. Would you also adding Yubikey/hardware-key support on de backlog off the Enpass product owner?
  7. That will be great when Enpass supports Yubikey! Where can I find the Enpass roadmap for new features and release dates?
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