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  1. Hi @Pratyush Sharma, Thanks! The info you requested: It's a 2015 Macbook Pro running MacOS Mojave 10.14.6. I'm running Enpass 6.6.1 (804) MAS version. I'm using 3 vaults, all synced via WebDAV, 2 of them are shared with another user. I'm using Enpass in "Match device language", and MacOS is set to English (UK). I'm not sure how to check if the category is a custom or pre-defined one. It's called "Official" but I can't remember if I made that myself or not. When I right-click on it in the sidebar I have a contextual option to Rename, Change Icon, or Delete.
  2. I have some items which appear in "All items", and have a set category, but when I browse to that category they don't appear in the list. I've tried "change category" to their correct category, but they still don't show up. Is there a way to "rebuild database" or something similar?
  3. Ah, lucky I found this post! I thought I had a bug where my items couldn't be moved.
  4. Sometimes, especially when using an external monitor attached to my laptop, the Chrome extension (used in Vivaldi in my case) displays its contents at the wrong scale. The Safari extension does the same thing. This is both the locked and unlocked screen. It doesn't respond to clicks in the expected way, but I can still use it if I stick to the keyboard. Just checked and the menu bar app does the same thing too. However the desktop app looks fine. Mac OS Mojave, latest Vivaldi, Safari, Enpass.
  5. Hi @Garima Singh, That doesn't seem to be the issue. Enpass opens fine at startup, but when I quit the main app, either by mistake or just out of habit, it also quits the menu bar app and browser extension. I have to remember to close the window rather than quitting, to leave the mini app running. Other apps with menu bar components (e.g. Hazel, Little Snitch) tend to leave the menu bar app running when the main app is quit. I'd love it if Enpass did the same!
  6. I have a habit of command-tab-q-q-q-ing my way to quitting opened apps when I finish working on a task. But if I had Enpass open and quit it this way it also quits the mini app and browser extensions, which means I have to futz with reconnecting next time I want to autofill in my browser. I appreciate the "hide dock icon when main window is closed" setting, but it would be great to be able to actually "quit" (as in, command-q, or right-click dock icon > quit) the main app without also closing the menu-bar app and browser extension.
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