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  1. Yep and why they got my business at the end of the day.
  2. Hi I am confused on how enpass licensing works. I see 3 different plans Individual Family One -time I don't get the difference between Individual and Family as in the features section it says you can make different vaults for different family members. So why do we need a family plan? I don't get the difference between one-time and the others. Is that a one time payment for individual plan? Do you get upgrades for life or stuck with the version that is available at the time of buying?
  3. Ok, thanks do you know if this is going to be years away or months away?
  4. Hi So to share with someone everyone has to have a Enpass account?
  5. Hi I see you can attach attachments but I am wondering a) are they encrypted? b) can they be shared among other people? If so do they need to have their own enpass account? Thanks
  6. Hi I am wondering is there any timeline for this feature?
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