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  1. Hi @Pratyush Sharma, With the update to 6.6.0 (772) the problem (for my case) is fixed and I was able to register Enpass and use Touch ID. Thanks for the support! I set the solved tag as the prefix for this thread.
  2. Hey @Garima Singh I followed your instructions. After the 1st step, I deleted manually the remaining data on Google Drive: With these steps the import and synchronization was possible with the M1 MacBook! Thank you very much! I wanted to finally register Enpass on the M1 in order to be able to use it with all functions. When I try to activate/register Enpass, I ran straight into the next problem... As soon as I have entered the code for Enpass registration after entering my email address and clicked on "Confirm", an error occurs in the GUI and the registration is not carried out. No matter how often I try it, no matter whether I restart Enpass, confirm the input with the mouse or the input key, the error is always the same. I create a screen recording of it: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1YPDCgGfxPFXC4edQ6COURe7yxiW33M13/view?usp=sharing Do you have any ideas how I can fix the problem?
  3. Hey @Garima Singh For the test, I tried to restore the vault as a single vault or in a multiple-vault configuration as the primary vault or as a secondary vault. Always with the same result that Enpass asks for a key file during recovery. With all other devices, regardless of whether macOS, iOS or Windows, I was able to recover this vault without a key file in the past. Now it seems that Enpass via Rosetta on M1 devices requires a key file for this vault, although the vault can be used on all other devices without a key file. What else can I try? Is it possible to activate the key file for testing on another device for the vault and then deactivate it again to check whether it then works without a key file on the M1? Thanks for your support.
  4. I checked this again on an Intel-based Mac. Also macOS 11.1 (20C69) and Enpass 6.5.2 (726). No issue here! I have observed that it does not appear to be the case with all vaults at the M1 Mac! So with another vault, the problem does not occur on an M1 Mac. It occurs reliably with my main vault. No key file is requested for my main vault on an Intel-based Mac:
  5. Hi all, I'm using an M1 Mac with macOS Big Sur 11.1 (20C69) and Enpass 6.5.2 (726). When I try to import a vault from Google Drive, Enpass restore dialog asks for a keyfile. But, there is no key file for this vault. I can't import the vault without a keyfile. It works on various other devices without a key file being "required". Does anyone know the problem? Here is a screenshot:
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