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  1. Hi Again, It seems I have resolved the problem. After I ended the enpass task in task manager, I started again, but this time I started as a new user, and entered my email address (possibly a different one before) and connected to the dropbox and **** ' it connected without a password'*****. I don't recall exactly each step as a new user, but I just followed the prompts, and somewhere selected 'registered user'. In hopes this may help someone else.... Len
  2. Hi Garima Singh Thank you for responding. I tried this as instructed, but this did not solve the problem. I have 2 win 10 devices, A - my previous main PC and B - my newest PC. I was using enpass on both of them successfully for almost a year until this week. A works fine, but B stopped with the 'incorrect password' error . I carried out the instructions above on A ( I also disconnected my android), then started B again and still 'incorrect password'. I went to task manager and stopped enpass and tried again, but same problem. I repeated deleting dropbox file using pc B, but I don't have a backup in B so when I tried again it could not find a file to download. So, I am still stuck. (would it help to copy the backup from A to B, if I can find the file?) Your help is appreciated. Len Also, I inadvertently put my email as user name. I would appreciate it if that were changed to 'Len' or 'LenGab' or something similar.
  3. I have tried all proposed solutions above and still cannot sync to dropbox with this windows 10 PC, even though I can sync with an another win 10 PC and with my Android phone. I tried reinstalling, upgrading, disconnecting other devices, renaming vault file in dropbox... NOTHING WORKS!! I get a request to link to dropbox and then 'wrong password' that I know is correct. I have latest version of enpass and win 10. I spent hours trying different things... Nothing Works! Does anyone have any other solution??? How do we get enpass to fix this recurring problem??? I turned Kapersky firewall off.
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