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  1. I'm here to complain about how this isn't working yet, running 6.9.3 1591. ETA?
  2. Thank you for looking into this.
  3. You added this feature a while ago, thanks for adding it.
  4. I am running Wifi Sync on a server that has some additional virtual NICs for virtual machines (Hyper-v) and some VPNs. If I get Wifi Sync to work on the primary network, eventually it switches to a secondary or third network. For example, I want to use Wifi Sync on my home network, we'll say 192.168.1.X, but Enpass will use 172.10.X.X. My other home devices can't get to 172.10.X.X. Do I have any control over this in the app?
  5. Hello, I appreciate the Pwned password feature, but it is not intuitive. The Pwned passwords shouldn't be mixed in with weak passwords. There should be a new category under Password Audit. I expect many passwords to be weak for various reasons. It would be much more useful to see the Pwned passwords separately, and even have an option to ignore them. For example, if I set my kid's iphone password to 123456, I expect it to show up as pwned. But I want to ignore that pwned password since nobody is going to be able to access the phone anyway. Or if I save the default password for a router (which I changed), I don't need that to show up continually in my pwned list. Please consider these features to help us out. Thanks!
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