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  1. Guys please when is the audit coming because truthfully i am a bit concerned and might even switch if it doesn't happen. I bought the app but it has been so long since you said that you would make the audit happen.
  2. Sure if it is like that than i agree but still optional would be a solution.
  3. I think that one should not be for everyone but only as an option to change in the settings because in my opinion it is an extra layer of security when someone hits random keys or thinks that it might know the master pass or pin and it cannot enter inside the app without hitting enter by making it harder fpr him to guess, and an automatic login would prove the one who tries to enter a guessed pss or pin right with only a few tries rather than leaving him in doubt. Thanks, and would like for you guys to take my opinion into consideration.
  4. Hey guys, i am using enpass for a long time, even bought it because it was that good, and i would love to buy it for my family too just to support you guys. But the thing is that now i am getting worried, it has been a long time since this thread opened and since you said that you will take the security audit, because to me it seems like you are stalling it. With security problems that multiple password managers are having, i would like to see that audit done ASAP or sadly i might switch platform, a thing i would not like to do but feel like doing if necessary. You are keeping a lot of customers away only for the audit. Thanks.
  5. So i want to use enpass portable but i have a few questions. What i don't understand is this, Enpass portable is just an app whose executable files just lie in the usb flash drive in order for you not having to install it every time in every new computer and only to launch it directly from the usb? Why does Enpass portable need to save my Enpass database in a ceratin location in the computer? What happens to those files saved from Enpass portable if i remove my enpass portable usb? Does Enpass portable always need to load my passwords from the cloud in new computers, because it is self understanding that in new and temporary computers i have no record of my password database. If so that is a huge problem because the password of my cloud account is saved only on enpass and i cannot remember it, thus making my access inside my passwords database impossible? If i chose to save a backup file inside the USB flash drive in order for my password database to be accessible from Enpass portable, than how safe is it? Are any of the passwords even saved on the USB drive? I believe that Enpass needs to address a lot of questions like these, by improving its "Getting started guide for Enpass portable" and making it more user friendly, and also improving the UI of the "Welcome to Enpass portable" screen by making it more helpful and easier to understand and navigate. And also why don't i see an option to restore data from iCloud? I would appreciate any response to this matter.
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