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  1. Using Enpass Password Manager version 6.7.4 in Chrome, causes the following features in Google's products to fail: As a Corporate user of Google Shared Drives, if I try to invite a new user who is external to my workspace to share a folder/file, then I am presented with a warning message and this dialog box never dismisses regardless of either button being placed: disable the Enpass Chrome Extension and this dialog box works and I can achieve the sharing change I want. As a Corporate user of Google Workspace, if I try to change details of my Payments Profile, another dialog box will not save/cancel in a similar way: disable the Enpass Chrome Extension and dialog box works as expected. Should Enpass support engineers wish to communicate with Google over this, I can give you the original tickets I created with their system. Same issues with the equivalent Firefox extension, version 6.7.0
  2. Garima, I am testing out Enpass for my family and business, but this sharing restriction which requires the SAME cloud share account, is giving me a problem. Attached is a diagram illustrating what I would like to do Primary Vaults first. Person A is my colleague at work. Person A would have a Primary stored somewhere, assuming s/he wants to use it on multiple devices, it will be best for them to share on a cloud service. Let's say they choose Google Drive Person B is me. I have a personal Dropbox account that I would like to use for my Primary Vault Person C is my partner. She has a Dropbox account that she would like to use for her Primary Vault Shared Vaults. I have one I want to share with my work colleagues : so A & B need a shared vault. Since we use Google Workspaces we have shared folders with Google Drive. We are used to sharing files using this; this is where i would like to locate the Shared Vault 1. I want to share a vault with my partner, so B & C need a shared vault. B & C already share files with DropBox and indeed our existing password solution allows us to save the vault in a shared Dropbox folder, so we want to do this with Enpass. It seems that these scenarios will be common to other customers of Enpass. Your customers will want to share vaults with other people, and those people will likely have Cloud Accounts, but Cloud providers strongly promote personal not shared accounts and those people know how to share folders/files with others on the same cloud storage platform. But because your product does not yet allow someone to choose the location within the Cloud Service (folder/file) then these scenarios are unachievable without (as your documentation states), since the vaults are located in one place in the cloud storage that is private/unshareable. You are requiring creating a new cloud account for the express purpose to share the Enpass Shared Vault. Is this a correct interpretation of your product's current capability? I read elsewhere that you intend to allow folder/path to be change in the Cloud service. How close to release is this feature, please, as this affects my decision to subscribe to your solution.
  3. I too experience this, it ALWAYS occurs when dragging the application from one screen to a second screen. However, I found this workaround that does not require an application restart: simply: zoom/maximise/green button top left the window and then zoom/restore/green button top left it to the previous size. I have Enpass 6.6.0 (772) from the Mac App Store Mac OSX Catalina v10.15.7
  4. I have read https://www.enpass.io/support/kb/multiple-vaults/how-can-i-share-a-vault-with-other-members/ https://discussion.enpass.io/index.php?/topic/20073-which-sync-options-support-sharing/ and I know you say that the cloud account must be the same in order to share the Vault. However, it is not normal (in corporate contexts) to share accounts, so the idea of creating a cloud sharing account just to facilitate sharing a vault between people is not acceptable. What I would like to do is this: Create a secondary Vault, e.g. "Our Credentials", sync this is to my corporate cloud sharing service I share the Vault folder with the second user Second user, having created a private Primary vault, creates a secondary vault "Our credentials" and is able to sync via the corporate cloud sharing account Per Cloud Sharing Service DropBox: when I share with DropBox I can see the folder [DropBox]/Apps/Enpass - so I would merely share in such a way that the second user is sharing the mutual /Apps/Enpass. I have not tried this in practice. (As Mr Colmer said in link 2 at the top of this Post " I have to share the entire Apps folder, which is potentially dangerous" - I agree, not ideal) General WebDAV server: Mr Colmer describes how he has achieved sharing, perhaps because his NextCloud server is sharing the /Apps/Enpass folder between his users But my use case is to use Google Drive. I have synced to Google Drive but I cannot see the Vault file(s). Why is this? Is it hidden somehow?
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