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  1. On 9/6/2020 at 10:06 AM, qgvrt said:

    For anyone looking into this - just got it to work on my Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ by enabling developer options in the OS settings, and then in the developer options, under 'Apps', enabled the option called "Force activities to be resizeable".

    I have also enabled DeX labs, perhaps that helped?

    Since then, Enpass has been launching in DeX without issues (autofill seems to work, too).

    I have the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 and this do not work for me.

  2. March 2021 and this feature still not working.

    I already crated a new feature request for this, hopefully that helps to has this integration soon.

    As other user mention, almost all the apps works on Samsung DeX, sadly Endpass is on the small group that doesn't work with DeX.

  3. Many people use Samsung DeX, specially on tablets and in a work environment. Right now the app is not supporting this mode and people always has to turn off the Samsung DeX to login to some app or just to create a new entry on the Enpass app.

    Please consider this integration, it could be really helpful.

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