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  1. Hello everyone, this morning, when customizing the launcher on my new mobile, I had an idea: Wouldn't it make sense for Enpass to support widgets? Imagine, seeing the TOTP numbers for your most frequently used logins on your launcher without the need to open Enpass? Customizing and handling the widget could be done like the Android-Watch feature: Selecting a checkbox like "show on widget" would display the TOTP.
  2. Hello *.* a few days ago I tried to install the WearOS component of Enpass on my Ticwatch 3 LTE, but I had no success so far :-( I tried this via Google Play on the watch -> Apps on my phone, but Enpass isn't listed there. To make things more complicated, I deleted it on my previous Ticwatch 2 and tried to reinstall it there as well. And voila - same problem here. Is there any way to install it manually (again) on my watch, or is this already a know issue with help on the way ?
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