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  1. Hello, Does the Android app support Face Unlock? Thanks
  2. Hello, For some reason when trying to enable one-time-codes in fastmail.com it saves fine in Enpass but the codes Enpass generates don't work. Can you please fix? Thanks
  3. Hello, When will wifi syncing be supported in Enpass Thanks
  4. Hello, Does Enpass support autofilling on the Edge browser? for both Windows and Android? Thanks
  5. Thanks, it makes sense because what if you have multiple identities.
  6. Hello, Does Does Enpass include yupikey support for the desktop version? Thanks
  7. Hello can you please add the option to be able to upload an image true identities?
  8. Hello, Is Enpass available for Chromebook? Thanks
  9. What discounts are currently available for lifetime licenses
  10. Hello, I am very interested in Enpass however for some reason when adding a new login entries on your Android device and log into your computer the desktop client does not sync the icons over from the Android device to the Windows desktop. Can you please fix this? Thanks
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