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  1. Hi mrc247, thanks for your correction - yes, I meant macOS 12 / Monterey. I won't forget that now. Overall, the Enpass-Chrome interaction looks like a real tinkering solution. After restarting my MBP, I don't seem to have the problem anymore either. For a long time under BigSur, however, I always had to unlock the EnPass container first before I started Chrome, otherwise it wouldn't work. It's strange that such a topic cannot be handled for such a long time gets - does not speak for Enpass :-(
  2. Good morning, yesterday I updated from Big Sur to Monterey. Since then, I have to unlock Enpass with a password every time I wake up! For me the error is back under 10.12.1 :-(
  3. Maybe a new information to this issue. After weeks without this problem today it´s back and I found a solution. If I start Chrome before opening enpass the problem occurse. So my workaround is to turn of autostart of chrome. But maybe you can do something in this way.
  4. Hm, some reboots later this problem was gone as fast as it was coming?!?
  5. Im using enpass 6.6.1 on my mbp. Since upgrading macOS from 11.3.1 to 11.4 enpass opens and ask for the password on every wakeing up of my mbp. Before 11.4 I never had this confusing situation. Can anyone confirm this "problem"?
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