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  1. Although I am also looking forward to getting a native Apple Silicon app, I need to tell you that even though Qt has released support for arm macs, we cannot know: 1. The amount of work that may be needed to migrate to this new Qt version and apply the needed code changes, go through QA, etc 2. It’s very likely that a big app like Enpass has some more third party dependencies that may or may not have released native apple silicon support. Even if they have, effort is needed for migration and QA as well. As an iOS/macOS developer I do recognize the effort and I would really prefer bug resolving (clipboard, generator panel issues) over native support at this moment.
  2. Here are my system specs but this behaviour has been there like for ever (long time EnPass Pro user). macOS 12.1 EnPass Pro 6.7.4 (938) Whenever I try to generate a new password either from Enpass home screen or from within the edit mode of any vault item, if I click outside the generator pane it is dismissed and I am not able any more to copy or fill the generated password. Given the fact that clipboard copying is problematic this has resulted many times in me changing a password on a service then coming back to EnPass Pro to save it and accidentally dismissing the password generator window. Please add an option so that we are able to dismiss it only by clicking the (X) button on the top left of the overlay panel.
  3. I am a long time user of Enpass Pro and this weird behaviour has started to be very annoying, to be honest. My specs are: macOS Monterey 12.1 (this was happening in Big Sur and Catalina as well but not that frequently) EnPass Pro 6.7.4 (938) Mac App Store version The problem is that copying a password does not always work on all of these cases: Copying the password from an already saved item Copying the password from the generate new password screen (either while editing an item or from the main Enpass menu I have searched the threads of this forum and see a lot of people have reported this issue, and your recommendation of upping the clipboard clear timeout does not work. After all, in my cases, I am trying to paste almost immediately.
  4. Hi @Garima Singh Fun thing. I went ahead to create a screen recording for you. The extension did not show up as I explained on my previous post, but the phone language was in Greek so I deleted the recording and went ahead to switch the language to English and record again. Started recording, opened Safari and boom the Enpass extension was there. Switched the language back to Greek and it was still there. How weird. I am an iOS software engineer myself and I have seen many hiccups with extensions, but not one that involves the phone language. This clearly looks like an iOS issue, so I am sorry for the effort your developers have put into investigating this, but maybe this answer might help other people facing the same issue, to "resolve" it.
  5. It's been almost a week now since I've noticed that the Safari app extension of Enpass does not show up when I tap on the "Share" button of Safari. I tried to delete and re-install the Enpass app, but no change. Enpass iOS app version 6.6.3 iOS Version: 14.6 This quite frustrating as I do not want to use the password auto-fill functionality since I also use keychain for some accounts. At your disposal if you need any kind of logs etc...
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