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  1. My Enpass entries ususally consist of three elements: E-Mail, username and password. Most websites only want two of those, which leads to the problem that sometimes Enpass puts the uesername into a field that expects my e-mail adress. (In case it matters, i usually click on the enpass extension icon in my browser, then double-click on the entry in the popup window to auto-fill the login text fields) How can i tell enpass which fields it should use for the auto-fill?
  2. I use the windows store version of enpass on desktop, and have it set to start with windows when i log in. Right now Enpass is not doing that very well, mostly because i always see a CMD console window pop up and disappear directly after i log in. When i first didn't know that enpass triggered this window, i thought i had something like a virus on my PC. it would be nice if you could change this in a way to be less obstrusive, so that enpass starts up entirely invisible in the background.
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