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  1. Hello, here's my experience. I contacted Synology support and in my case it was a matter of non-Windows ACL authorizations. I solved the issue by doing this: 1. Changed to Window ACL the shared folder where I store Enpass database 2. Made sure that the user has full read/write rights in the folder containing Enpass database (it was not the case) After that, my problem was solved.
  2. Hello I just tried to overwrite a random document already existing through WebDAV access and I confirm it doesn't work! User scenario: - create a random file on local computer - upload it to the server through WebDAV access - change local file - upload it to the server overwriting previous one - open remote file: it doesn't contain the modification Remarks: - I rebooted server before making this test - I made this test through Windows Explorer (WebDAV server is mapped as local resource)
  3. Hello Same here, please find details below What I cannot do: - sync to Enpass database with any of my client: it doesn't work either on my android phone or my Windows PC. In all my clients I always get the 908403 error What I can do: - log into WebDAV server using other applications: WebDAV navigator lite on My android phone, mapped WebDAV remote location in Windows explorer. From this I understand that WebDAV server on my Syology NAS is working I recently updated the WebDAV serve on my NAS too, this is the only change I can remember Thanks in advance for the precious support
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