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  1. 1. Locally 2. OS: Win10 / Enpass Version 6.8.1 (1063) - installed from downloaded file (not as an app through windows app store)
  2. When I do this - I get the message that "could not choose network or this path doesnt exist"... But it do exist. Why is this? could it be due to that the folder include a non english letter?
  3. Then why does Enpass still create a (empty btw) folder structure in "My Documents"?
  4. It gets locked after 5 minutes (or every time my laptop enters screen saver mode during breaks) and I need to enter the master password again and again.
  5. I followed your instructions, yet the issue remain. Here comes the requested information: Enpass version (desktop/laptop): 6.6.3 (836) Firefox version: 89.0.2 (64-bit) Enpass Firefox extension version: 6.6.2
  6. This was checked a while ago, doublechecked now also ofcourse, so this is not the issue here. How can I solve this?
  7. Keep getting logged out every 5:th minute or less. Need support for this time consuming issue. Browser: Firefox
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