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  1. Background Some time ago (actually, I think it's been a long time), Windows 10 released this feature where I can choose to save my Documents, Pictures and Desktop in OneDrive by default, instead of locally. This has now been improved to a feature known as Known Folder Move. Enpass saves its data in my Documents folder by default. This has two problems: If I use KFM, this data gets synced to OneDrive. When you release mobile apps for Enpass 6, I will have to enable sync, so I will get two copies of my database in OneDrive. It pollutes my Documents folder with data I shouldn't act upon. I can't read it, I shouldn't delete it. It shouldn't be part of my standard backup, etc. Solution Enpass should save data to the user's AppData folder by default. The Windows Store version of Enpass 5 already do this, and solves all of those problems. You could simply enable me to change this folder in Enpass 6 (I can't do it right now), but I don't think it's the best solution since the AppData folder is specifically designed to hold app-specific data. I think it should be the default, and enable people to change it in the settings if they want to.
  2. Now that Enpass 6 supports multiple Vaults, I was moving my work-related items to a second vault, and school items to a third vault. I find it would be useful to support OneDrive for Business to sync in this kind of situation (my school uses Office 365 Education, which I think also uses OneDrive for Business). OneDrive for Business also supports the "apps" folder, where you should save Enpass data.
  3. Internet banking here in Brazil usually need two fields to identify a user (plus a password): Agency Number and Account Number. I would like Enpass to fill all of those fields. It currently fills only the Account Number and password, without the other number I need.
  4. I use Enpass in my Lumia 950, and it works just fine. I only have one problem with it. I have set the app to unlock using Windows Hello. The flow for this is: I open the app The app displays the Windows Hello dialog and authenticates me I have to tap "OK" to open the app This last step is what really bothers me. First, it shouldn't exist. When Windows Hello recognizes me, the app should just open. Second: if I take too long to confirm (more than a couple of seconds), Windows Hello will try to recognize me again (and this time it will fail). I think this is a problem with Microsoft's implementation of Windows Hello, but if there is anything you can do about it, it would be great.
  5. One thing I'd like the Enpass to do is to login using a credit card login information. Let me explain: I have one Credit Card, and it have the following fields: "Website", "Username" and "Login Password". If I go to this website and try to log in, Enpass will suggest my credit card, but will not fill any field. I have to fill in the form, and Enpass will not ask me to save the new login info. If I remove this info from my credit card (mainly the website), and try to login (manually filling the form), Enpass will ask me to save the new login information. Now, if I fill the website on my credit card, and try to log in again, Enpass will suggest both the "Login" and the Credit Card, but only the "Login" works. What I would like is being able to login using the info on my Credit Card record, or do not show it when I try to log into the website.
  6. Hello. I'm having an issue with one website: https://cliente.portoseguro.com.br/portaldecliente When I log in, the Chrome extension pops out asking me to save the information. Them problem is: only the password gets saved ("Digite sua senha" field). The username ("Digite seu CPF ou CNPJ", something like "Type in your SSN") do not gets saved. As far as I could investigate, this field is an <input type="tel"> and this might be the problem, but I'm not sure (neither think it's right).
  7. I have an untested workaround. It should work, but I'm not sure. You can share the Enpass folder located at the root of your OneDrive with your son, and give him writing permissions. Next, you go to your son's OneDrive (on the web), and add the folder you just shared to his onedrive (there is an "Add to my OneDrive" option). This will create an "Enpass" folder at the root of his OneDrive. Now you can try configure Enpass on your son's phone. As far as I can see, Enpass look for a "Enpass" folder at the root of OneDrive, so this should work. But I never tried it. As I said, it's a workaround.
  8. I also had both folders. The "Files/Enpass" folder is the sync folder. This folder is used if you sync your data with other devices, like your phone, tablet or other PCs. The "Files/Documents/Enpass" is (as @JB Labelle said) the local database. The default location for your "Documents" windows library is your OneDrive's Documents folder. You should change (in Enpass advanced settings) to use you local "My Documents\Enpass" folder.
  9. Let me choose the folder Enpass will use to sync using OneDrive. I use OneDrive, and there is a folder[1] for apps to save data specific for them (it's the approot special folder). I'd like to use this folder, instead of the root of my OneDrive. [1] https://onedrive.live.com/?id=apps
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