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  1. Good Morning everyone Almost four months without any update on this thread. So whats the status about the Security Audit? Cheers SwissIndoor
  2. Any update from the official side about this feature request?
  3. Would be awesome to integrate this as an secure option to log-in. https://www.yubico.com
  4. Would love to see a history of my passwort if I edit a or renew a passwort. Just in case. Anyone else? Cheers
  5. Would love to see Enpass having in a Enterrise Version with Team Management, Group-Rights where your private EnPass Account can be integrated. Cheers =)
  6. Any update from the official side about this feature request?
  7. I would love to have such a feature in your applicaiton!
  8. Hey together, first of all thank you for creating such a nice software. But there is one big thing missing from my side. As i would like to use Enpass for privat usage and business cases i need to seperate the databases. So it would be awesome to have access to multiple databases in one application. Thank you =) swissindoor
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