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  1. The same for me. Mine was CMD + shift + C it was perfect. It would be really nice to be able to set it back again on safari ...
  2. @Anshu kumar Thanks for the answer. Since you've answered it is working again. I don't really know what happens. Maybe my webdav account (it is Seafile for the information). Thomas.
  3. @TheOrangeOne with Enpass there is already a keyboard on Android device. I was more talking about the Desktop app because I have some trouble to fill identity form for example and with Dashlane or Lastpass it is really easy to handle with the icon in the form. For android app, notification is really great but yes floating popup could be even better.
  4. Hi, I've installed the latest released of enpass in the playstore (v5.2.2). Since, I experienced sync issue with webdav (I get a message ".-114") I've tried to remove it and add it again but non success (It works on 5.2.0 on my tab). Thanks, Thomas.
  5. Hi there, I did not see this topic but maybe I'm wrong don't hesitate to tell me if it is duplicate. I wanted to know if there is in the roadmap the autofill feature (already via a shortcut). Also wanted to know if you plan to make something like Dashlane or other password manager (a icon in the form in order to choose what to fill) ? Thanks, Thomas.
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