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  1. When you select to use Windows Hello, it would be better if the application used this "by default" once started using the full key, rather than having to press the "hello" (smile) button to access this - or at least have the option to automatically use hello, allow use of hello, or not - maybe even better would be a selection of "Always use PIN, Always use Windows Hello, Allow use of Windows Hello, Always Use Full Pass Phrase".
  2. Completely agree with this - and should be for any target cloud, so for OneDrive, DropBox, etc.
  3. Just imported my existing data and see that tags do, indeed, replaced folders - with the model of Folder:SubFolder to offer nesting. Would like to see some way to find those entries with no tags attached.
  4. Loving the new look, and the features or promised features. Looking forward to it moving to production. A couple of comments/questions: I have used Folders extensively in Enpass (with multiple tiers) to manage a mass of information. There does not seem to be the Folders option in the first Beta. Is this feature on the backlog, or is this feature being deprecated (which would be shame) or replaced with tags (which I'm not sure will do everything I need). The one suggestion if folders are retained, that having some way to see which items are not in a defined folder would be a really useful feature.
  5. I use Folders extensively and have hundreds of items in Enpass. It is difficult to find those cards that I have setup but have not got assigned to a folder. Having the option to switch on and off a folder in the list to show these unallocated items would be extremely useful - alternatively, having a feature to show unallocated items in a separate list and allowing them to be allocated to folders would be another approach that would help in these situations.
  6. I would like to have more control over the password generator algorithm, both at a general level and, ideally, at a "card" level to cope with sites which limit what is and is not allowed. For example, having an Advanced set of recipe options as follows: Total Length, as current recipe Mix of types of letters: Number of caps - between x and y (rather than just a fixed number) to make this more random Number of digits - between x and y (rather than just a fixed number) to make this more random Number of specials - between x and y (rather than just a fixed number) to make this more random Min number of lower case letters, to work with rest of the recipe to balance out the mix An alternative approach for the above could be to just have a "minimum" number of letters in each case, with the randomising adjusting the numbers accordingly Control over which special characters are allowed in the recipe Having the ability to control a recipe at a card level, or probably better still, to have a set of different recipes defined ("presets" which could be prepopulated with the option to edit/add/remove them) and then referred to by a card, would make the whole Password Generator function much more powerful.
  7. Yes, it would be good to hear an update on this. Ideally supported by both the UWP app and the desktop app (maybe using the Desktop Bridge if that would provide the way for it to communicate with Edge).
  8. Ok, I suspected that this may be the case. Maybe something to feed back to Microsoft in terms of their APIs...
  9. Really waiting for the UWP version of Enpass to be able to do this as well - the Windows Hello integration and touch-friendly UI is really useful for me on some devices.
  10. Loving the Widows Hello support in the Windows 10 UWP app - but would be even better if you had the option to be able to accept the Windows Hello logon (facial recognition/fingerprint) without having to press OK, so it became almost transparent for the user whilst still secure.
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