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  1. Enpass on my iPad does not sync anymore. I sync over iCloud. It still works OK on my iMac and iPhone. Other apps like Apple Notes still sync fine over iCloud on my iPad.

    I tried rebooting my iPad but that didn't help.

    I switched iCloud Drive off and on again. Then the iPad synced but after 15 minutes the syncing wasn't working anymore again.

    I then tried to sync over my WebDav server. This only worked for one sync. Then I got sync errors. My iPhone also stopped syncing for a short while.

    Now, my iMac and iPhone sync OK, but my iPad isn't syncing at all. What do I do now?

  2. I just encountered this: I entered a 12 character password with uppercase, lowercase, digits and a dash. On iOS Enpass says this password is strong, on OS-X it is considered weak. It this an inconsistency or are there parameters I can set for strong or weak passwords?

    This is an example of a password which is considered strong on iOS and weak on OS-X: Glen5-Creak4



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