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  1. Hi OLLI,

    this is already the case. If you open an entry and show the password it is colorized:

    Only if you are in the password generation dialog it isn't colorized. I think that is because the generated password is display on a green background and mixing this with other colors could under some circumstances lead to hard to read passwords.

    @EnpassTeam: My only idea for this to work nicely would be something like the following:

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  2. Hey guys,

    thanks for the hint on Sophos. That was it for me.

    Here is the Solution (more of a Workaround):

    If you are using "Sophos Endpoint Security and Control" like me you have to disable "Web-Protection".
    Unfortunately it isn't possible to create exceptions in this module - very sad.
    But.. now I can auto-fill again - that's more important as I'm taking "web security" in my own hands anyway.

    Let me know if this helped you.

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