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  1. I'm seeing similar behaviour on my partner's MacBook. So on her MacBook we deleted iCloud data through Enpass settings & uninstalled Enpass completely by dragging it to Trash but it appears there are still leftovers: The directory "7ADB8CC6TF~in~sinew~Walletx" is still present in iCloud Drive even after confirming to delete all iCloud data through the "Disconnect" button in Settings. I verified this by opening Terminal on her MacBook and listing the files/dirs in "/Library/Mobile Documents". After removing the directory manually, it just returns after rebooting - it probably gets pushed back to the computer by iCloud Drive which is odd because since the application is gone there should be nothing placing the directory back. Unless iCloud doesn't accept the manual delete and syncs it back to the computer. In iCloud Drive options in the "Look me up by Email" setting the entry for "7ADB8CC6TF.in.sinew.Walletx" is still there even after uninstalling the application. This is probably related to the remark above - since that file is persistent in iCloud drive it keeps being shown in "Look me up by email". It's not that big a deal but since the app is not in use anymore it would be nice to be rid of all traces of it on her computer (and in the iCloud Setting "Look me up by email"). The aforementioned directory does appear to be empty in iCloud though.
  2. Hi, I bought a Lifetime Premium license on the website but I used the wrong email address to link the license to. I logged in to the Enpass iOS app with my old email address and clicked change but it didn't transfer the license over - it just created a Lite account using my new correct email address. I sent an email to support@enpass.io containing my old email address (with the license linked), the new correct email address & a PDF with my purchase confirmation. Got assigned ticket number ECS-22510. Will support be able to transfer the license to the correct email address? Thank you. EDIT: Support fixed it. Thanks!
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