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  1. Good evening, I encounetred a similar problem on my Windows and Android devices. I sent them an email in the morning today and, by noon, same day, I had it fixed. Thanks to all Support guys!
  2. Issue has been fixed with new version 6.7.4 (919). Thank you very much.
  3. The Greek translation is great. I would only like to point out this error: It seems that in these 4 instances the word "Αδύναμος" (and "αδύναμος") escaped the attention of your translators and was written in singular. So there is an inconsistency with all other tiles, which are in plural (and this is the correct). It must be corrected to "Αδύναμοι" (and "Πολύ αδύναμοι" in the upper instance of the middle column).
  4. Hi again Gulshan, If I understood correctly your question, I checked the properties of the folder you mentioned. There are write permissions for SYSTEM, User (my name) and Administrators. For your further information, I noticed in there a new subfolder, named ".wifisync", which contains two other folders: ".certs" and "info". I had tried several times to delete it and restart Enpass and Wi-Fi sync. ".wifisync" with its subfolders are recreated, but ".certs" remains always empty. The "info" contains a json file. As for your suggestion, I was using the Store version. I uninstalled it and installed the website one. The Enpass version is now 6.7.0 (867), but the issue persists.
  5. Hey Gulshan, Thanks for your answer. My device is a desktop pc with Windows 10 64 bit, fully updated. The Enpass version is 6.7.0.(865) (Beta). I also encountered this issue on my laptop, same OS and same Enpass version.
  6. Hello everybody there! Can you help me please with this message error? Thank you.
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