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  1. @Welshdog It seems it is only happening in Safari. With Firefox it works. And it is happening in Safari no matter which URL I am using
  2. yes exactly the same issue is happening on Mac OS Safari since the last update
  3. also using 6.71. Like I said it happened since the last Enpass update all of a sudden very annoying
  4. Sorry but you understood wrong. I am double clicking on the item to autofill it. BUT the first time I double click nothing happens. Then I have to double click the item again to successfully autofill the item. THAT IS NOT Expected to be like this
  5. Since the latest update for Enpass Autofilling on Mac OS Latest Big Sur version with Safari is not working anymore. If I click on the password nothings happens. If I click again on autofilling it works. But always only at the second try Any solutions or fixes for that !?!? Never happened before the last update
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