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  1. I am on 6.7.4 (934), but have been crashing issues on win 10 for the last couple years. It's getting worse, where I get crashes daily. I do run multiple profiles of chrome/brave at the same time, and use webdav for sync. I read in another area that someone switched to using a local folder (that syncs with the cloud a different way) and stopped having issues. I was hoping not to do it, but may have to.
  2. Changing the sync to webdav doesn't fix it, as mine still crashes regularly.
  3. I think it's the same as issue as this: I am also having the issue with 6.7.2 (886)on Win10, using the microsoft store version. I just tried switching my sync to webdav to see if that fixes the problem.
  4. Yeah I also have this issue on Windows 10, using the latest version from the app store. It's been happening for at least a year.
  5. Hi! I'm using Enpass Desktop Version 6.7.2 (886), Extension Version 6.6.2 for Chrome, Brave and FireFox. Occurs on my Windows 10 desktop and laptop.
  6. This happens to me on multiple devices with Brave, Chrome, and Firefox with Windows 10 for all websites. I go to the website, click the browser extension icon, click on the account to fill, and it opens a new tab. If I close the new tab and try again, it autofills correctly.
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