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  1. Hi @snow-white, The problem it's happening also outside from Chrome. So I don't think it's Google Chrome problem. @Anshu kumar asked me to make an skype call to enpass support to try to fix this issue. I'll call when I have some time. Thanks for the suggestion anyway. I'll let you know when I speak with the support team.
  2. Hi, I'm still experiencing cash in first unlock even from Chrome or Status Bar. Enpass version 5.5.2 (81) MacOS 10.12.4 (16E195)
  3. Hi again, I've seen another error while starting Enpass through Chrome. I don't know if could be related:
  4. Looks that the problem has been solved for me with Enpass 5.5.0 (79) I haven't seen more crashes while unlocking Enpass Thanks a lot
  5. Looks that the problem has been solved for me with Enpass 5.5.0 (79) Thanks a lot
  6. Hi @Vikram Dabas, I'm experiencing this issue also when I unlock Enpass from Menu Bar (behind the clock). It happened the first time I unlocked Enpass after reboot and yesterday happened another time, no the first time. Thanks
  7. Hi @Vikram Dabas I've only seen this crash while opening enpass in chrome. MacOS 10.12.3 Beta (16D17a) Enpass Beta 5.5.0 (75) Enpass Password Manager 5.3.3 (Chrome extension) It happens in any website when I use Chrome integration for first time. Hope this can help a little. If I can share any logs, let me know. Thanks
  8. Hi, Description Enpass crash on open from chrome the first time. Steps to reproduce Open computer or reboot. Open chrome. Go to a website with login. Use the shortcut to autocomplete with enpass. Enter master key. Current result Enpass crashes and chrome integration does not work until we open the enpass app again. Expected result That the enpass is unlocked correctly and the login fields are autocompleted. If I can help sending any data, let me know. Thanks
  9. +1 I was searching for this feature too! Hope to see it soon! Thanks for your work enpass team
  10. Thanks @Anshu kumar I hope you can fix this soon. I had the Mac App Store version, which does not have the ability to enable beta updates. I've downloaded the latest version from website, and now I've successfully enabled beta updates.
  11. Hi @Anshu kumar, Macbook Pro Early 2013 macOS Sierra 10.12.3 Beta (16D17a) Enpass 5.4.1 (74) Padlock 1.2.0-beta.2 (1.2.0-beta.2) Generic CSV/DSV. I haven't found the "Pasword PadLock". Now I realice it was an option. Only appear for passwords imported. With the ones that I've created, everything works fine. ---- The crash happens when I delete a field and then I select another field to edit (I select the name of the field to edit, not the content). I wanted to attach you a log file, but forum only allows pictures as attachments. I po
  12. Hi, I've been using Enpass for several weeks now, and I really love it. Today I've finally decided to move from Padlock.io to Enpass. I've imported all my data from csv file. I loved the csv import, really useful. Furthermore, I'm having some issues. If I open an item and I delete a field and save, the app crashses. I'm also having another problem. In some items, if I try to edit a field, the field that is edited is another one. For example, suppose I have field_1 and field_2. Then I select to edit field_1, but the editing popup says that I'm editing field_2 and if I change the
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