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  1. So far so good. Tried on iPad and iPhone and wasn’t asked to input a code today after the update. Thank you Enpass for addressing this bug!
  2. They won’t because of the rollout of ios17 and the timely release of 6.9.2 along with it. It’s been weeks now so they wouldn’t go back. But I don’t see why we can’t get an idea of how long the next update takes to rollout? Days? Weeks? Months? I’m ready to just move to another platform, at least temporarily for my most critical passwords. That’s how annoying this bug has been because I don’t keep email on my phone and need the password manager to access my email to get the code.
  3. Any way someone from support can provide an update on when this can be fixed? This is getting beyond annoying at this point. I already lost access to my passwords once today because I wasn’t able to access mail on the device that asked to reauthenticate. @Abhishek Dewan
  4. Same here. iOS 16.2 and app version 6.9.2. Started the same day I upgraded the app (on 9/20/2023). It’s very annoying since the email I need to verify with, I don’t remember the password so I have to go to my 2nd device and log in. That’s if I have it with me! It’s very frustrating because Enpass is my most used app considering I use it for everything password related.
  5. For security reasons where someone is requesting your passwords (I.e. law enforcement, school, work place) and has your device in their possession, please enable an option to ask for master password on a device reboot or when emergency mode is activated on mobile. Thank you.
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