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  1. Hi. no you are not the only one, I've been facing this issue recently on both iOS and Mac, it's not funny at all, I don't know how many items have not been updated. cc @PiLoT
  2. Hi @Hitman There is no problem with WebDav except that some cloud providers force users to turn 2FA off to activate WebDav and some others bypass 2FA on WebDav, well, I consider that a bad practice. However, the suggestion I’ve made here has nothing to do with how Enpass database is stored, that means WebDav is irrelevant :-). To clarify, Cryptomator is a popular encryption tool, so I was thinking it would be convenient and secure to have the possibility of storing Cryptomator’s vaults passwords in Enpass via plugin based integration. Enpass team can develop a Cryptomator plugin to achieve that and I found it not that difficult :-)
  3. Hi, Cryptomator team has published plugin API as part of v1.6.0 release, and KeePassXC, the opensource password manage is the first plugin on the list. To me, since Cryptomator is one of the major cloud encryption tools out there, it makes sense to have an Enpass plugin for it. The plugin can start with storing vault passwords which secures & simplifies accessing encrypted files. Thank you https://plugin.purejava.org/ https://cryptomator.org/tags/cryptomator/
  4. Hi Enpass team, this was requested in 2017 and we are now getting ready for 2022, is there any updates on it?
  5. Hi there, I like the product, however adding pCloud integration would be really helpful, please DO NOT suggest WebDav as it won't work on some services when 2FA is enabled including pCloud and disabling 2FA is not the best idea
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