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  1. Idk what you're talking about.Works fine for me.
  2. I've been an enpass user for two years now. Safe to say I don't regret buying enpass.Enpass is one of the only password manager that can autofill like butter. As for getting updates... I know enpass doesn't get enough updates but the current version is fine. Also I don't know what bugs other people are talking about but earlier this year enpass had an authentication issue with Dropbox. They fixed the issue and pussed an update within a week. If you still don't want enpass then look into other passowrd managers.(Most of them are disappointing)
  3. I'm currently in the grace period and I want to renew my subscription but can't find the option to renew it.
  4. This feature is missing from enpass for several years now. Any idea when the developers will implement it??
  5. The enpass app can't autofill on samsung internet. Is there a work around?
  6. Just about yesterday I had to login to enpass using my friends laptop and import the database which i hosted on dropbox. Then after importing it I realised I needed to have my premium account on his laptop to view all the passwords but couldn't do it because I didn't have access to my email.Then I realised it would be much better if Enpass adds am option to login to my account using a password instead of a code which is delivered to my email.
  7. Great Hey also what updates are Enpass getting next? When will the feature to manually add autofill info be available?
  8. Well the problem is on both Android 11 and android 8
  9. Hmm to name the apps 1. ALL THE MICROSOFT APPS
  10. Version : OS : Android Also I am having some problem logging into some Microsoft apps. The Enpass pop-up appears but when I try to click the respective password it just doesn't fill. Image for reference
  11. I have been using enpass for quite a time a now. I've noticed that enpass doesn't have any field for autofill info it only has URL,TEXT,2FA etc but I'd like to have an option that lets me manually add which app i want to fill my data in instead of opening the app scrolling through the passwords and associating it with the app. Example in image
  12. I have seen some other password managers being able to change password with one click. Please try to implement this Example: Dashlane password changer
  13. Recently something came across my mind. Enpass user manual says that all my data is encrypted using my master password then how come when I switch on biometrics I can open enpass with my fingerprint only?
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