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  1. I use Windows Hello to sign in via the fingerprint sensor of my Microsoft Modern Keyboard. Recently, whenever I sign in, the Enpass app launches alongside. This is annoying because I just want to log into a website, and always the app gets in the way. I've found no option in the settings to disable this. This is a new behaviour, so it must have been introduced in the most recent update. Does anyone else have this problem, and maybe found a solution? Any ideas appreciated, and thanks in advance!
  2. That depends on which location you chose for your vault when you installed Enpass. They should be either somewhere in your documents folder, or whatever cloud file storage you use (e.g. OneDrive, Google Drive, etc). You could try searching for the file extensions *.enpassdbsync and *.enpassattach
  3. No, your passwords are stored in vault files which are separate from the Enpass installation. You should make a note of your vault location in the Enpass settings before uninstalling, so you can specify it later when you install the website version. I think Enpass tries to find your vault on first start, but better safe than sorry.
  4. Same problem here, we have no access to our passwords. How can something like this even happen with a release build Windows update? Don't you test Enpass with the pre-release builds from the Insider program?!
  5. Thanks a lot, that did the trick! I didn't even think of disabling that option.. but looking back, it makes sense.
  6. Maybe I shouldn't have written "Autofill". Enpass puts in the login and password correctly, that works fine. What I mean is the "Save and fill basic info" functionality of the Edge browser which I've been using to fill address, date of birth, name, etc. into forms on websites. That doesn't work anymore because Enpass has switched off and disabled (grayed out) the slider button in the browser settings for some reason. And I'd like to enable it again to get that functionality back.
  7. Thanks for getting back to me. I found out that Enpass has deactivated the Autofill function of the Edge browser with this new update. And I can't activate it again because the switch is disabled, and on mouseover it says, "This setting is managed by the "Enpass Password Manager" extension". So this doesn't seem to be a bug. I clicked the Enpass link there and checked the extension settings, and also looked in the settings of the Enpass desktop app, but I didn't find any way to reactivate autofill or some replacement for it. It definitely doesn't work anymore. What can I do?
  8. Since the Enpass browser extension updated to version 6.7.5 the Autofill function in Edge doesn't work anymore. How can I make it work again?
  9. I'm on Windows and I also have the problem that the shortcut CTRL-< doesn't work anymore, and when I try to configure it again, the '<' key is not even registered. I'm used to that keyboard shortcut, how can I set it up like that again?
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