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  1. I confirm that sync is also working for me with the Beta 5.4.8 version. Thanks to all.
  2. GREAT !! Already a Beta Tester since a while.... waiting for the Beta to show in the store. Thanks for your efficient service.... as always
  3. I am on Nextcloud 9.0.53 ..... will update.... but as I see others guys on 11.0.0. and 10.0.2 have also the issue...
  4. I got all the APK versions for Android from the Google Play Store, it's the only source I use for Android. Today is Sunday... hope that the devs will fix the bug by tomorrow....
  5. Hi Vinod. Data for login on demo account send on PM. Thanks
  6. Glad to hear. (Well... not glad for the issue. Glad you confirm it). I got an answer from the Enpass Team who stated that the issue was in my Cloud Server (error 503), but it could not explain why only the last version got this problem. Now that you confirm the regression, maybe they will look again and deeper.
  7. Today I got an update from version 5.4.6 to version 5.4.7 on Playstore. Running Android 7.1.1. All was working perfect in 5.4.6. Once updated to 5.4.7. I had an error message about sync with Webdav (owncloud) with a private certificate - as stated in the upgrade informations - . Following the instructions I disconnected, then try to reconfigure the connection to the server. No way. I get a "folder not recognized" message. Did this 4 times. Back to 5.4.6. (Thanks to having app backup) and all good again. Try to update 3 hours later.... same thing. Back on 4.5.6. and all works fine. Any idea ?
  8. I face the same issue on a Dell XPS13 with Intel chip. My normal display resolution is 1080 x 1920, and for the Enpass screen I cannot say for sure but it seems to be 600x800... it's really huge. The workaround found by @Tamaskan work good. Thanks
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