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  1. 2 minutes ago, eleith said:

    i can confirm that android + webdav is broken on 5.4.7 (not only for private certificates).

    reverting the apk to 5.4.6 is the only way to restore propery syncing behavior.

    this is a pretty large regression...

    Glad to hear. (Well... not glad for the issue. Glad you confirm it). I got an answer from the Enpass Team who stated that the issue was in my Cloud Server (error 503), but it could not explain why only the last version got this problem. Now that you confirm the regression, maybe they will look again and deeper. o.O

  2. Today I got an update from version 5.4.6 to version 5.4.7 on Playstore. Running Android 7.1.1.  All was working perfect in 5.4.6.  Once updated to 5.4.7. I had an error message about sync with Webdav (owncloud) with a private certificate -  as stated in the upgrade informations - . Following the instructions I disconnected, then try to reconfigure the connection to the server. No way. I get a "folder not recognized" message. Did this 4 times. Back to 5.4.6. (Thanks to having app backup) and all good again. Try to update 3 hours later.... same thing. Back on 4.5.6. and all works fine. Any idea ?   

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