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  1. +1 for Orange Pi and Raspberry Pi. The new keyboard based computer platform is very interesting from economic perspective. I'm using both the Pi400 and the OPi800 and am here looking for Enpass.
  2. So to be clear, the Microsoft "store" version that is WHITE is on my MS Windows desktop and laptop machines. The blue on one or two of the same Windows machines means I installed it from downloading from enpass.io. And the confusion for me comes when I see two versions on my Windows machines. Where one doesn't connect but the other one does, so I can feel safe uninstalling one or the other. Do I understand that correctly now?
  3. I've noticed this on several of my machines. Some are blue in the taskbar, some are white. What is the difference? I've searched help but found no mention. I can't be the first to ask? Can I?
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