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  1. Unfortunately, because Enpass currently uses architecture-specific binaries, there really isn't much to "work around". ARM-compiled vs x86-compiled code is kinda like if an English speaker and a Japanese speaker are trying to communicate and neither speaks a word of the other's language. Very little similarity if any in the "languages" and definitely not enough for one to interpret the other.
  2. A little update on this: Ubuntu is now supporting the Raspberry Pi platform as a full-fledged PC vendor, and distributing stable builds of Ubuntu Desktop for the Pi: https://ubuntu.com/tutorials/how-to-install-ubuntu-desktop-on-raspberry-pi-4#1-overview I really think this would be worth supporting, especially as we are likely to see more inexpensive ARM Linux machines in the near future. @Garima Singh Thank you and the rest of the Enpass team - I appreciate that you've been monitoring this thread and factoring it into your product's roadmap!
  3. Hi team, I recently got one of the new 8GB/RAM Raspberry Pi models and found it to be a quite nice minimal desktop experience. Unfortunately, I couldn't get very far with the tasks I was hoping to, as Enpass doesn't seem to support ARM on Linux yet. I'd love to see an ARM build published in the APT/YUM repos - unless I'm thoroughly mistaken about your codebase, it may be a just as simple as recompiling your current Linux build for ARM. I think over the next few years as we start to see more ARM machines come onto market you'll find more and more developer customers requesting th
  4. Yes, I agree, this is the behavior it should have. 1Password does this; no reason Enpass can't.
  5. Yep, this bug has been annoying me too! Glad it's well documented!
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