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  1. With the stable release of the FIDO PassKey specification across Android, iOS, Windows, and macOS, the future seems to be moving away from passwords - finally! For Enpass, supporting these seems like the logical next step. It's a great cross-platform tool for syncing an encrypted vault, and syncing a PassKey is really nothing more than syncing a private key. It's more data, so it might require architectural work (treating passkeys like attachments under the hood, assigned to their own files, for better incremental sync), but I think it's achievable. An MVP implementation might start with only QR code-based auth, and implement OS/browser integrations later as the platforms begin to provide APIs for it. 1Password is rolling out support for them this year, and I think it would put Enpass would be at a long term competitive disadvantage if support wasn't planned. Enpass remains my favorite tool thanks to the "dumb" local encryption and sync options it provides, and I hope to continue to be able to use it as we transition slowly off of passwords for authentication. All the best, Enpass team!
  2. Wanna throw in my support for this too. Important feature to keep Enpass competitive, especially for business users!
  3. @John B. Deere Just so you know, there's a couple of related threads to this, as it's a popular issue. arm64 support on Linux (link) Apple Silicon Support (link) I feel that demand for this feature is there and will continue to increase!
  4. Thanks for the heads up on the Qt framework! I'd been wondering about that for a while! I saw this blog post from them recently and was wondering if you'd had any luck on getting it to build properly since May?
  5. Unfortunately, because Enpass currently uses architecture-specific binaries, there really isn't much to "work around". ARM-compiled vs x86-compiled code is kinda like if an English speaker and a Japanese speaker are trying to communicate and neither speaks a word of the other's language. Very little similarity if any in the "languages" and definitely not enough for one to interpret the other.
  6. A little update on this: Ubuntu is now supporting the Raspberry Pi platform as a full-fledged PC vendor, and distributing stable builds of Ubuntu Desktop for the Pi: https://ubuntu.com/tutorials/how-to-install-ubuntu-desktop-on-raspberry-pi-4#1-overview I really think this would be worth supporting, especially as we are likely to see more inexpensive ARM Linux machines in the near future. @Garima Singh Thank you and the rest of the Enpass team - I appreciate that you've been monitoring this thread and factoring it into your product's roadmap!
  7. Hi team, I recently got one of the new 8GB/RAM Raspberry Pi models and found it to be a quite nice minimal desktop experience. Unfortunately, I couldn't get very far with the tasks I was hoping to, as Enpass doesn't seem to support ARM on Linux yet. I'd love to see an ARM build published in the APT/YUM repos - unless I'm thoroughly mistaken about your codebase, it may be a just as simple as recompiling your current Linux build for ARM. I think over the next few years as we start to see more ARM machines come onto market you'll find more and more developer customers requesting this feature. Some operational suggestions for a smooth QuickStart: AWS offers ARM64 instances you can use for CI/CD. The new 8GB/RAM Raspberry Pi is now available for less than $100. They are suitable for "real work" if you prefer to do your dev work locally - I'm even building a Kubernetes cluster of them. All the best, Noah
  8. Yes, I agree, this is the behavior it should have. 1Password does this; no reason Enpass can't.
  9. Yep, this bug has been annoying me too! Glad it's well documented!
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