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  1. I just migrated my previous vault to Enpass, and I too think this is definitely a great topic. I do my best to keep myself informed with the latest security trends and technology, and frequently just browse the iOS App Store to see what's new out there, but until last week I had never even heard of Enpass before. I've used 1Password for a good 3-4 years to its full capacity, and if I recall correctly they first launched on the iOS App Store sometime in 2013 or so; to this date, they have over 18K reviews for all versions on the store, while Enpass which launched in January 2014 only has almost
  2. @Vikram Dabas Thank you for your post. Are you able to comment on how Enpass is currently funded? And how many users use Enpass? I understand that the team is working on launching a new tier for businesses, and also that it is important to acquire as many new users as possible, but I don't see how neither of those answers the question of "how do you pay your bills?" posted by @Marc. If possible, it would be great to get a little more information on this. Personally, I just moved from 1Password after using it for 3-4 years, as I needed a solid password manager that worked on iOS, Linux, an
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