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  1. I just migrated my previous vault to Enpass, and I too think this is definitely a great topic. I do my best to keep myself informed with the latest security trends and technology, and frequently just browse the iOS App Store to see what's new out there, but until last week I had never even heard of Enpass before. I've used 1Password for a good 3-4 years to its full capacity, and if I recall correctly they first launched on the iOS App Store sometime in 2013 or so; to this date, they have over 18K reviews for all versions on the store, while Enpass which launched in January 2014 only has almost 300. That is one insanely big gap and one could argue that more could be done to promote Enpass. Maybe, one option could be for the Enpass team to contact places with rather large audiences such as 9to5Mac, Macrumors, iMore, Android Central, 9to5Google, Engadget, etc. that frequently review apps and compare them against others similar. No doubt that this alone would get Enpass a ton of exposure, specially since security is so hot these days and most of the popular password managers right now offer more costly yearly subscriptions.
  2. @Vikram Dabas Thank you for your post. Are you able to comment on how Enpass is currently funded? And how many users use Enpass? I understand that the team is working on launching a new tier for businesses, and also that it is important to acquire as many new users as possible, but I don't see how neither of those answers the question of "how do you pay your bills?" posted by @Marc. If possible, it would be great to get a little more information on this. Personally, I just moved from 1Password after using it for 3-4 years, as I needed a solid password manager that worked on iOS, Linux, and Windows. After trying many other password managers, I really liked Enpass because of how seamlessly it works across platforms and overall being very strong and modern with many features similar to 1Password. So I would love to stay with Enpass, and it would be very nice to learn more about how the service makes the money to pay for the development costs to maintain and enhance the number of mobile and desktop clients you support. Thank you again for the fantastic work on Enpass.
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