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  1. W'll this whas about two weeks ago. I did got a reaction by DM that my ticket would be claimed and follow-up to. After that: silence.... I have now reached the point where the Enpass desktop client also crashes continuously on Windows. It can no longer be started, even after a reinstall. And as if it couldn't get worse: the database file appears not to be synchronized to my Nextcloud environment (because of this error) and I can't open the file with the MacOS / iOS version(s). Result: all my wife's passwords completely inaccessible. That, in combination with complete silence from Enpass, means: really, really big problems. This IS the situation I was trying to avoid to and nevertheless ended up to in less than two weeks. @Enpass Support: You'd need deploy a stable version of your software before you put users up to these kind of tests. And since all mentioned above: A Emergency function is mandatory to keep the guarantuee that Passwords will be accesible any time. I'd honestly cannot recommend this service to other users at this moment, in this stage. I have over more than 300 passwords in my own safe. I cannot imagine what would happen if I get locked out my own safe.... That would be the next step. Unfortunately I need a 'offline' password manager because of policy's and limitation from my work. So Bitwarden is only allowed combined with storing passwords offline or in a private/dedicated Bitwarden environment.... :-(
  2. It seems that I have the same problem as described above. The software keeps chrasing, sometimes over more then 5 times a minute. Is there a fix for this? Recently I've bought below mentioned membership to Enpass to make use of the 'full' funtcionality of Enpass. Unfortunately it seems that the software is a little bit 'buggy'. I'm using the software on my MacOS (Montery, 12.01), and the Enpass program keeps chrashing, hanging and is really, really slow sometimes. I'm using Enpass with 3 vaults, since I need to store my passwords for mutliple goals. Since the only decent way to share passwords is by implementing multiple Vaults, this is mandatory to me. But with having crashing or having freezing the software this often, it's not doable at all to make use of the software in a regular way. That having said, I'm the only one who's suffering by this issue now. If I need to explain this to my wife and children that will be complete horror...
  3. Hi there! I where somehow 'shocked' to find this feature stll on a roadmap to be honest. I thought I would at least find a function like this after registering/signing up for a family account (as I could not find it in the trial). I didn't, since I ended up here at the forums. I see that the latest response is from februari last year, so is there any news regarding this? For me honestly this would mean a draw back on my subsccription yesterday, since this is a pretty mandatory feature/ functionality as per my opinion.
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