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  1. Joe T

    No more touchID?

    Came here for the same reason as everyone else: The Desktop and Windows Store releases of Enpass are definitely not the same. The details have already been covered, and the case for needing exact parity between Store/Desktop releases is also covered. i would add that the browser extensions also behaved differently. The Edge extension only works with the Store version, and until very recently, the other browser extensions only recognized and connected to the Desktop version of the app. i'm pretty sure i even found an Enpass blog post about this, which effectively forces people to run both versions of the app if they want to use Edge and any other browser. After removing and reinstalling my Firefox & Chrome extensions they seem to connect to the Store version, but it looks like a very recent change and typical users might not realize the extensions need to be updated. The discrepancy in Settings is really annoying - you can't claim they're the same when certain settings just aren't available in one and can never be activated in the other. It makes no sense at all to tease the "Premium" settings in Desktop if they can never be enabled. Just remove them and leave the "Store Only" settings ad. i really like Enpass, but you really should allow purchasing a Premium license for Desktop and not claim they're the same thing.
  2. i've just tried it again, and this time it saved correctly. i don't know what happened the first time, especially because of the DropBox notice that my wallet had been updated.
  3. i recently updated my password on Twitter with an Enpass-generated password. When the form submitted, Enpass correctly asked if i wanted to update my stored password. i did so, and i got a notice from Dropbox that my Wallet has changed & been updated. However, when i had to use that new password and used Enpass to retrieve it, the old password was still stored. i've lost the new password and have to go through Twitter password recovery. i'm using the 5.5.0 beta on Windows 10. Let me know what additional info is needed.
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