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  1. Just had this occur again after restart. Was this fixed in 6.8.3? I am currently on 6.8.2, but about to upgrade. And for those who see this, you can recover from it by opening Enpass (using spotlight or Applications folder, since it's hard to find the actual Enpass icon in the dock with literally hundreds of them visible,) and quit it from the Enpass menu item. Then, open terminal, and enter the command "killall Dock" to kill off the Dock app. It will automatically restart and the Enpass icons will be gone. You can safely reopen Enpass at this point.
  2. I can report the same problem. I believe it always occurs on computer restart. I tried Force Quitting all of them, but they do not seem to go away. I killed Enpass and found then, that if clicked on each dock icon, they dissapeared. So there definitely is a problem that multiple users are seeing.
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