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  1. 6.8.0 is a good update, I am so glad to receive such a response. It means that the app is on a right track. Thank you
  2. Here's some neat UX/UI improvements would help a lot: 1. Clear search automatically after some time or when return by some action. because most of the time search results are there for the previous case, and list is limited because of that. 2. hot key to preview password, when the vault is unlocked, for example pressing Alt would reveal the password. 3. Automatically switch to default input method and keyboard layout (for example English) when have to unlock the Enpass, virtually all other apps do that. User does not need to think what keyboard was enabled before the prompt for password 4. Enpass pop-up next to fields sometime abstract the information, it should be possible to just move those out of the way
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