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  1. For people who have a small number of saved passwords (maybe even few enough to fit on a single screen), it doesn't make much sense to have them grouped alphabetically.
  2. Found the file, thanks, and verified that I can restore from it.
  3. Where on the file system does the Enpass Universal app (5.2.4) keep its database? I'd like to include that file in my regular backups, so I don't need to remember to export the data everytime I change something.
  4. After re-installing the app (and re-importing the data), I can unlock the app with a fingerprint (and without ever having to enter the master password).
  5. I have a ThinkPad 460s which has hardware TPM, but Enpass (5.2.4, installed from the Windows Store) only lets me use Windows Hello unlocking once the application is running and a master password has been entered.
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