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  1. enpasso


    When I add Shortcuts over Safari for Safari, I put with my German Keyboard layout command + # he saves it right it works but it shows on screen as common + / I guess the asciicode is taken right, but if you want to "print it" out it is in English layout. It doesn't disturb but if you fix that it looks cleaner, and is less irritating
  2. enpasso


    Omg how genius! It is so amazing what options are given! I really don't regret the transition from 1Password to Enpass! But can I also make it systemwide? Because in the option panel of enpass the command + option is hardcoded you can only give es input the 3rd letter like command + option + # But I want it also systemwide to work with command + #. In Browser it works now like a charm
  3. enpasso


    Hey how can I make CMD + # as shortcut. I can only option + command, is there no other option please make it possible Me and anybodyelse who comes as antisubcrption and pro wlan sync refugee from 1Password is heavly used to it.
  4. I bought it first now, I see it is already turned on.
  5. Can I set saving webforms, with password fields to automatic? That's very handy when I register somewhere, and need to remember details later.
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